• *This can only be purchased now for locals only, please contact us for more info* 
    This is a follow up from our scrapbooking session which we started  in 2020 after returning to school from lockdown. 
    Kids with existing Mini Moon Doll scrapbooks will
    be asked to collect and save their experiences/souvenirs from their festive time off and their return to school which the kids will use to express their feelings and emotions in a creative way.  
    If you do not have our scrapbook pack (which you will need for this session) one can be purchased online and custom made for your child. 
    If you have a pack already please purchase supplement pack for this session.
    Thursday 7th Jan 2021
    4:00pm to 5:00pm 
    For ages 5+ Via Zoom
    Scrapbook £12
    Supplement pack £8 
    So many wild and wonderful memories made this year and so many to capture to look back on. We have put together a supplement stationery pack for our crafters who already have our scrapbook pack
    You can add photos from your phone, holiday memories, tickets, reciepts, letters and write about days spent with family doing fun activities and just so much more the possibilites are endless. 
    Please note each pack can have slight variations as they are handmade. 
    Not suitable for children under the age of 3.
    These packs are made to order and cannot be refunded.
    Please allow 3-5 days for it to be sent out.

    Afterschool Craft Club - Supplement Pack


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