• For their doodles or your memos, the Magnet and Chalk Board Set is spot on. The shaped board is a sweet decorative feature, ideal for creating ever-changing artworks to have in their spaces. If you need to leave them little reminders or want to keep them occupied while you are busy in the kitchen, stick it to the fridge so they can get busy while you make a brew. Innovative brand kitpas, who care about the environment, make their chalk from discarded scallop seashells blended with calcium carbonate. It's the softest, all-natural chalk going


    "Doodle, wipe, doodle wipe. This chalkboard is up to the job of endless arty creations."


    About Kitpas

    Japanese brand kitpas make truly innovative, eco-friendly art materials. Their products are perfect for letting kids' creativity flourish.

    Magnet and Chalk Board Set - Apple