Listing is for two water bottles 
Water is known to boost performance in the classroom whilst providing a host of immediate and future health benefits. It is highly recommended by many health professionals in daily life and in school for children to have easy access to drinking water. We also recommend that you change your bottles every 2-3 months for hygiene reasons and have put together a pack of two for your convenience. These are clear bottles enabling contents to be monitored. Tough and durable with a sports cap. We use them for families at home, for kids to take to school or leave in nursery and even for ourselves whether at the gym or on the football field. WATER BOOSTS MENTAL PERFORMANCE BY UP TO 10%

Water Bottles

Color: Mixed pair
  • -Colours available: 
    Yellow, Pink, Lilac, Blue, Green 
    -Size: 500ml
    -Comes printed with name box & washing instructions and is dishwasher safe up to 55c
    -Wide neck for easy cleaning
    -BPA free